a) Flashback – 2010

Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat.

This is the life of any engineer, unless he decides to break the shackles, do something different, think out of the box…

4 Mechanical Engineering Students – Vaibhav Panpaliya, Bharath Madduri, Vishal Narayan, Praveen Palekar, got tired of this tedious daily routine, and decided to pursue their dreams. They shared a common interest and fascination for the art of flying, and were determined to enhance their knowledge in the field. They desired to do something practical and real, something that can be applicable in current real-world scenarios. They decided to build a Micro-Aerial Vehicle, according to the rules and guidelines of the SAE Aerodesign Competition…..

4 members. 1 plane. 1 team. 1 dream. The Start of Something Awesome!

b) Present – 2015
Dream. Design. Deliver.
We truly have come a long way since our inception in 2010. Team Vimaanas is now a full fledged ‘Technical Team’, categorized into 3 departments – Technical, Electrical and Management, each department equally determined and dedicated. We are lead by Our Captain, Vice- Captain and Business Director, each of whom are instrumental in taking our team forward. For SAE Aerodesign 2016, we have decided to venture into unchartered territory, i.e., the Advanced Class Category, and hope to emerge victorious!
35 members. 2 planes.1 team. 1 dream. Gearing Up for SAE Aerodesign 2016!

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